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This article may contain spoilers if you do not follow our live feed coverage...

For anyone who has watched Big Brother since at least Season 8, you should be aware of the infamous BB Unitard.  The Unitard has been a recurring item in the house since that season.  It has been "awarded" to houseguests through a POV competition.  The said houseguest then has to wear the Unitard for the remainder of that week in the house. 

During the Big Brother seasons, there have been different Unitard design's ranging from the Red Unitard made famous by Jen Johnson in Big Brother 8 to the Clownitard, inspired by Aaryn's Clowny Doll, worn by Candice Stewart this season. I have provided a detailed history of Unitard wearers at the end of this article.
While you maybe aware of the Unitard you may not be as aware of the infamous curse that with comes with the Unitard.  In every season since the Unitard first showed up the houseguest who has worn it that season has not won Big Brother.  As a result of it, a sort of "Urban Legend" has been born in the Big Brother house, the Unitard Curse. 

Go back through the history of Unitard wearers, Jen Johnson BB 8, Sheila Kennedy BB 9, Michelle Costa BB10, Lydia Tavera BB11, Kristen Bitting BB 12, Jordan Lloyd BB13, and Frank Eudy BB14, and among them you will not find a winner of  Big Brother season.  Some have made it farther than others but no one has broken through and won the game once they have dawned that Unitard.

Which brings us to this season and BB15 houseguest Candice veto comp that will air on this Wednesday's episode of Big Brother Candice "won" the Clownitard.  Already on the block this week, and with HOH GinaMarie wanting Candice out she could become the next victim of the Unitard Curse.  If Candice does leave this week she would become one of only two houseguests evicted the same week as wearing the Unitard.  The other was Kristen in BB 12.

Will the curse of the Unitard continue this season, or will Candice slay the beast and put to rest that "Urban Legend" of the Unitard Curse?   

Big Brother Unitards By Season
Big Brother 8

The Unitard made its first appearance in Big Brother 8 where it was won by Jen Johnson where it was won as a result of the Cutthroat Christmas Power of Veto competition.

Big Brother 9

The unitard was won by Sheila Kennedy in the Power of Veto competition, Color of Veto.

Big Brother 10

The unitard was won by Michelle Costa in the Power of Veto competition, Slap Shot.

Big Brother 11

This is the first variation of the unitard. This unitard featured oversized goggles, a black cape, and gold shorts with "Captain Unitard" written across the front of the top. It was won by Lydia Tavera.

Big Brother 12

This was the second variaton of the unitard, which was tie-dyed and dubbed the "hippietard". It was won by Kristen Bitting in the Power of Veto competition, The Wizards of Pinball.

Big Brother 13

This is the third variation of the unitard, which was green, donned with a pink tutu, a dunce cap, and had "I'm with stupid" written on the front. It was called the "humilitard" and it was won by Jordan Lloyd in the Power of Veto competition Big Brother Cornhole.

Big Brother 14

The fourth variation was won by Frank Eudy in the Week 4 Power of Veto competition. This one was purple with "BBU" written on the front and donned with a blue and white skirt. It was called the "spiritard".

Big Brother 15

Candice Stewart was given a clown unitard to wear as a punishment after the Week 6 Power of Veto competition.

I was thinking of Casey in BB11 he wore a banana suit and was evicted with it on...any one remember that?

I do remember Casey leaving in a banana suit :ascared

Wow, I forgot all about Casey.

I do remember the Casey as well.

Poor Mr. Banana

I didn't remember Casey either.  :nana

Everyone who ever wore the unitard did it with style and fun though. :)


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