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Live Feed Updates Tuesday 8/6/13

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Howard evicted 0-7-1

Gina Marie won HOH Bull in a China Shop

There are no have nots this week

THe first 3 people to drop got to pick a box

Helen won the BBQ Cookout and gets to pick 3 people for it  Elissa Aaryn and Jessie - completed

Candice won the $5000

Spencer has to use a bull horn to talk with  for 24 hrs -completed

Thursday will be a Live Double Eviction

America is MVP again

Gina Marie Nominated Jessie and Candice

America Nominated Amada to be on the block as the 3rd nominee

POV players Gina Marie Amanda Candice Jessie Players picked Spencer Judd Host was Aaryn

Jessie wins POV

POV Comp was "Bad Santa"

Spencer won a trip to the Bahamas

Judd won $5000

Amanda has to have a spray tanned every time music is played for 48 hrs

Candice  has to wear a Clownie-tard for a week

Gina Marie has to wear a cone of shame for 48 hrs it can not be removed

Jessie used POV on herself

Gina Marie nominated Spencer as the replacement

Amanda Candice and Spencer are on the block and up for Eviction

HOH...GM, Aaryn, and Andy

Discussing Jessie again.

GM is smacking the crap outta her icecream

 aaryn  tells andy and gm about her convo with jessie at the hot tub

 andy she was doing good and now i dont know what

 gm she will put me up

andy who's with clownie

 gm jessie she's kissing ass again

Hey Howie!! :waves: Have a good nite!

Aaryn thinks that Jessie will put up some grouping of Aaryn, GM, and Spencer

She doesn't think Jessie has the balls to put up Amanda

Talking about the Red Velvet cake...

They decide to eat it tonight

Andy say congrats to GM & Aaryn we have made it to the final 10.

Andy says he has made father than anyone from his hometown

GM me too

Night Ugot!   :waves:

In the kitchen random chatter as dinner is being made...

Andy comes through and says Clowny's hair looks crazy, her weave is poping out.


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