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Live Feed Updates Saturday 8/3/13

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Howard evicted 0-7-1

Gina Marie won HOH Bull in a China Shop

There are no have nots this week

THe first 3 people to drop get to pick a box

Helen won the BBQ Cookout and gets to pick 3 people for it 

Candice won the $5000

Spencer has to use a bull horn to talk with  for 24 hrs -completed

Thursday will be a Live Double Eviction

America is MVP again

Gina Marie Nominated Jessie and Candice

andy im happy for gm and we will get what we want done

 aaryn yeah we will

 gm back up in hoh

aaryn to gm  helen made me nervous when she talked to candice and forgave her

 gm is counting votes :lol3:

GM is now doing the voting numbers with the memory wall

 gm we only need 4 people to get out candice

aaryns not buying this  math.. :lol3:

andy whoever the mvp puts up doesnt matter..

 gm i like this week it's easy and we're pretty much good


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