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Live Feed Updates Friday 8/2/13

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Howard evicted 0-7-1

Gina Marie won HOH Bull in a China Shop

There are no have nots this week

THe first 3 people to drop get to pick a box

Helen won the BBQ Cookout and gets to pick 3 people for it 

Candice won the $5000

Spencer has to use a bull horn to talk with  for 24 hrs

Thursday will be a Live Double Eviction

America is MVP again

andy amanda and mccrae on 3/4 in the drawing room

Gm on 1/2  im so happy they told us about that baby stuff

Aaryn in the bathroom with GM

In the deco room Andy, McCrae, and Amanda.

Andy telling them about Candice's & Jessie's plan

McCrae worried about if GM listens to Jessie

Amanda thinks that she won't do that.

Andy listing all the people GM has pledged loyalty to.

And thinking about Spencer & Candice going up

Amanda thinks we need to tell GM that it was Judd who was MVP and put her up, so they can get him up back door style.

Judd & Elissa have joined the Deco room group.

People talking about the HOH comp

gm and aaryn in the cockpit GM is going to nominate spencer and jessie..  spencer because  he voted out nick :lol3:


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