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CBS Back on For Dish Network Customers

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The following stations are off Dish Network due to a retransmission dispute with Raycom Media:

KGMB Honolulu, HI
KOLD Tucson, AZ
KSLA Shreveport, LA
WAFB Baton Rouge, LA
WLOX-DT2 Biloxi, MS
KFVS Cape Girardeau, MO
WTOL Toledo, OH
WOIO Cleveland, OH
WTOC Savannah, GA
WBTV Charlotte, NC
WCSC Charleston, SC

Midland/Odessa TX took CBS off the air as well

Live Episode Streaming Links:,29003.0.html

Episode Discussion Link:,29000.550.html

It would be really smart if viewers affected by this powered off cable temporarily and watched it on standard broadcast TV.

I assume Seattle, WA is safe?  :yess:

Looks like Seattle is safe. you would know, they would be running a ticker announcement or something to alert you.

I hope this isn't a precursor of what is going to continue to happen with money disputes and cable/dish providers.

Reilly Queens:
I don't live in any of those places and I can't watch the ep I missed tonight online???


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