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Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 8/1/13

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Aaryn wins HOH Roulette Me Win

Have Not comp Unexpectedly Unforgettable

Have Nots are Gina Marie Amanda Candice and Judd

America gave the Have Nots Ramen Noodles and Raisins

Aaryn Nominated Spencer and Howard to be on the block

America's MVP Nomination is Amanda

POV players Aaryn Amanda Howard Spencer Jessie  Candice Helen Hosted

POV Comp Back in Time

Spencer won POV

Spencer used POV on himself

Aaryn nominated Candice as the replacement

Candice Howard and  Amanda are on the block up for eviction

elissa and i know that when aaryn takes that thing.. and  then

 jesie yeah i  noticed how many people are on stuff here

 elissa yeah that's not fair it's major.. it's like they ahved it at ivy league schools ban it from that people  stay up all night and then ace stuff. it's not fair it sucks so bad

 feeds flip up to HOH

feeds in HOH amanda mccrae  andy judd aaryn helen just left

aaryn is blaming elissa for jessie acting the way she is

feeds flipo to jessie elissa and helen..

 helen it's a very arduous process but i can see why you would not want to share it

talk shifts cuz gm is in the room

Four Feeds all on Helen, Elissa, and Jessie.

Just random chatter about the game, downtime and having fun.

And how BB wants you to get upset

Night Ugot!


Break off to the HOH...

Up in the HOH Aaryn is playing with Judd's belly button...

GM says Helen & Elissa are down talking to Jessie.

And then all feeds back to the Deco Room


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