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Live Feed Updates Wednesday 7/31/13

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Kaitlin Evicted 0-9-0

Aaryn wins HOH Roulette Me Win

Have Not comp Unexpectedly Unforgettable

Have Nots are Gina Marie Amanda Candice and Judd

America gave the Have Nots Ramen Noodles and Raisins

Aaryn Nominated Spencer and Howard to be on the block

America's MVP Nomination is Amanda

POV players Aaryn Amanda Howard Spencer Jessie  Candice Helen Hosted

Spencer won POV

Spencer used POV on himself

Aaryn nominated Candice as the replacement

Candice Howard and  Amanda are on the block up for eviction

out back the gang is playing volleyball

 amadna and aaryn in the kitchen aaryn is  paranoid

 aryn i dont have any people..

amanda we cant go up against each other we have to stay on other side..

amanda i believe that the fake alliance was real

mccre alone in the cockpit

 amanda back in  is telling mccrae her convo with aaryn

mcrae i bet spencer is trying to figure out what was going on while he was sleeping

Up in the HOH, Spencer & Aaryn talking upstairs.

Aaryn thinks that because of Spencer Candice will not go on the block, now it will be her & him

Everyone wanted her out.

Now everyone is giving me dirty looks.

Spencer says me too.

i'm out howie! :waves: :lol:


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