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Under the Dome

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CBS 10 pm EST Monday nights

I can't believe no one has posted about this show because I am HOOKED! 40 million viewers means it is a definite hit.

Based on the book by Stephen King

Give it a look but you have to start with the first episode which you can watch on the CBS website.

I'm loving the show as well. It's really good <3 And Australia is showing it only hours after the US, which is nice for a change! :P

Really enjoyed the first season! Looking forward to more (but after a long wait -_-)...

I really liked the last episode and how they left us hanging...Was shocked to find out who the monarch is  :stare Trying to guess why the Dome was put in place because our question as to whom put it there is now answered!

Yeah, the ending was very suspenseful! It was done really well!

Every time we get an answer on this show, it seems to open up at least two new questions! I can't wait to see what direction Season 2 will take us in! :)


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