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--- Quote from: walkingpneumonia on July 22, 2013, 07:18:17 PM ---IMPORTANT! Even though we are a spoiler board, we do NOT want to have the episode spoiled while it is airing.
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Looks like no episode links  :(

And it begins ... recap of last leg.

No commercial.

Holly and Brett depart first: Fly to Calgary Alberta (Jon's hometown).

They started ion the street, and have to go to Nicola internet cafe to book tickets. They are on 7am flight so is Hal and Joanne.

Hal and Joanne leave at 4:12am

Jody and Cory 4:51am

Kristen and Darren 4:58am

Now express pass scene. They think they shouldn't trust Holly and Brett.

Vanessa and Celina at 5:23am

Tims at 5:44am and would like at least 4th.

Jet and Dave at 5:45am

Now the Holly and Brett buying all the Alberta maps scene from the preview.

Jody and Cory also on 7am flight .

Vaness and Celina/ Tims / jet dave are on 8am flight.

Vanessa get to the airport first and say we will take an earlier ticket and they make it to the 7am flight!

Tims/Jet and Dave are told its full and make 8am flight.

So first 5 are on 7 am. They must use Cheverolets to find the Outlaw statue.

Kristen and Darren give the express pass to Vanessa and Celina! Reason being they aren't as much of a threat as Kristen and Darren.

Hal and Joanne first to statue.

They must drive to the Ranchman's cookhouse and search exterior for next clue.

Hal and Joanne get their first. Roadblock: They must learn Traditional Line dancing and preform it. They will then get their next clue.

Cory, Joanne do the roadblock.

Second flight arrives.

Holly and Brett are lost.

Holly and Darren do the roadblock.



All the teams struggling with roadblock. Joanne doing it.

She doesnt get it on first attempt.

Vanessa and Celina in fifth. Not sure who chooses to do roadlock lol

Cory doing roadblock now. He fails and must try again.

Holly now doing her first attempt.  She must also do it again.

Now Kristen apologizes to Brett. Brett says he would have given it to them. He questions their integrity. She wanted to punch his face.

Darren now attempts and fails. Now the tims arrive. Who wants to get in Line? Is the roadblock question.

Joanne fails second attempt so does Cory. Holly fails Darren fails. Vanessa fails on her first attempt.

Jet and Dave arrive now. So all 7 teams at the roadblock, and can't find their clue lol

Joanne now doing her third attempt and is successful!

Route info: Drive yourself . Hoodoos in Drumheller to Alberta. 130 km.

Tim sr is now dancing and now must try again.  LOOOL Jet/Dave call the task master Anderson Cooper due to the resembalance.

Darren does it for the third time and gets the clue.

lol Vanessa swears.

Hal and Joanne now arrive at Drumheller. Detour: Experience Alberta 's history

Lump by lump: Atlas Coal Mine train named Linda and arrive at Wash House and arrive at Mine. Use shovels to fill 2 tonne car. Once trimmed and loaded successfully

Bone by Bone: Royal Terrell Musuem for Boe by Bone. Study Dinosaur exhibit and assemble model that is smaller using memory.

Hal and Joanne are way ahead and choose lump by lump

Holly fails 3rd attempt.

Vanessa on her third attempt and get the clue! Her team is in third!.

Kristen and Darren arrive and choose lump by lump.

Dave now attempts it for a third time and gets his clue. They are in fourth.

Holly does it for the 4,5,6,7 th time and fails.


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