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Live Feed Updates Tuesday 7/30/13

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Kaitlin Evicted 0-9-0

Aaryn wins HOH Roulette Me Win

Have Not comp Unexpectedly Unforgettable

Have Nots are Gina Marie Amanda Candice and Judd

America gave the Have Nots Ramen Noodles and Raisins

Aaryn Nominated Spencer and Howard to be on the block

America's MVP Nomination is Amanda

POV players Aaryn Amanda Howard Spencer Jessie  Candice Helen Hosted

Spencer won POV

Spencer used POV on himself

Aaryn nominated Candice as the replacement

Candice Howard and  Amanda are on the block  up for eviction

gm i said look at kaitlin she did what they wanted and then wher is she now..

 howard yeah they think they are weak.,. and what is helping me i would rather be faithful then play puppeteer..

 howard helen lies too.. and they use it against them as a vindictive lie.. and candice i know you have your thing.. and  candice just dont pop off the mouth.. she's real like you when she see wrong she call it out like in real life.. and when she called out helen she gets called demonstrative.. she lie.. candice didnt do that

 howard big brother has never been where its ran by 4 people.. that's boring..


Howard & GM talking....

Howard trying to get GM to come over to his side, by using the middle line

He's going to go Aaryn and say that Aaryn's family isn't going to like to see her do what she is told too.

Howard talking about how Candice was crying all days because of the lies

Howard said if this was a regular season of BB we wouldn't have had this issue.

GM if Nick & Jeremy were still here, the MC would be running the house

Howard talking about how "the 4" are running the house.

He wishes more grown people in here, because they would of been gone by now.

GM people like Jessie & Andy just want to play to be safe.

At some point you got to be yourself.

Howard says he's working on Judd.

He thinks he and Judd have a good personal relationship since day 1.

He thinks he can make Judd believe they will get rid of him

Howard says anybody who has a mind for themselves are the one who leaves.

He thinks they will do the same thing with GM

How much fun would be to shake this game up right now.

GM talking about how she had the balls to vote Elissa out, but nobody else did.

GM complaining about how Elissa talking about her husband having a Lotus , she has money, doesn't need to be here.

GM still going off about Elissa.

Says no one in the house has balls.

Talks about the "cockroaches" again.

I play for me, and I play for my heart.

GM says she doesn't like playing teams, because she rather be able to say she failed because she failed.


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