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Live Feed Updates Monday 7/29/13

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Kaitlin Evicted 0-9-0

Aaryn wins HOH Roulette Me Win

Have Nots are Gina Marie Amanda Candice and Judd

America gave the Have Nots Ramen Noodles and Raisins

Aaryn Nominated Spencer and Howard to be on the block

America's MVP Nomination is Amanda

POV players Aaryn Amanda Howard Spencer Jessie  Candice Helen Hosted

Spencer won POV

Up in the HOH HGs talking about sleeping while on sleep...

Random chatter down in the kitchen...

Judd talking about smoking and the patch

Up in the HOH...

Andy asks What I the guys have prepared us a feast downstairs

Girls having their nail party upstairs along with him

Discussing who the can see in the kitchen feeds

Jessie says Judds been in bad mood

Amanda says he's not a good slopper

Down in the kitchen...

Guys decide they are going to go play pool

McCrae has "Grease Lightning" stuck in his head.

Spencer is whistling and we get fish.

Spencer heads outside to play.

First game Judd & Spencer.

Howard brings the girl's some more snacks for their nail party.

And tells them how they guys pizza.

Howard comes back in and tells them Pool tourney double elim

A couple of the girls want to get in.


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