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Live Feed Updates Friday 7/26/13

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In the design room...

Discussing the have/have-nots

And how they will be decided this week.

GM goes to run back into the HOH to get booze.

Amanda telling Andy the plan with Elissa sitting right there.

Amanda says they (Howard & Spencer) were trying to flip the house.

Amanda says Spencer & Howard both need to go up together.

They were the ones that went after her in the first place

Helen is called to the DR.

Judd tells Elissa she will win the MVP

Andy talking about the Have-not comp.  He doesn't want to be a have-not again.


Random chatter

Design room talking about the highlights from the Veto comp

Aaryn joins the design room...

Elissa saying she hasn't talk to Candice at all today.

McCrae telling Aaryn Spencer & Howard up

McCrae told Spencer he wants Candice out, but that's just a story

Aaryn almost cried when she got the 36.


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