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Live Feed Updates Friday 7/26/13

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Kaitlin Evicted 0-9-0

Aaryn wins HOH Roulette Me Win 

aaryn wants to wear judds bear shirt and say you are a tennessee bear and stop walking all over my game and now onto the nominations

 judd now in the cockpit room talking about julie asking him about the bear shirt

HOH & Spencer in the cockpit

Discussing Aaryn's noms

Spencer tells him people are still thinking Howard is the MVP.

They both say the would tell each other if they were MVP

In the design room...

McCrae says they can't say anything to Spencer

McCrae going to tell the others that Candice went to Aaryn before the HOH and warned her not about putting up Howard.

Elissa listening in on all this, as she does yoga

McCrae is not going to allow shit to be pinned on Amanda.

McCrae thinks Aaryn should put up Howard and Candice

Amanda thinks no, Howard or Spencer has to go this week

Amanda says the target is Howard

If he MVP is some random vote again, it will screw up everything.

Amanda says if Spencer is not on the block he could win veto and pull Howard off, and then neither on goes home.

Amanda says Howard is the target again.

Amanda says we need get one of them home this week

Judd comes in and watches Elissa

And Andy enters...

Amanda & McCrae still whispering to each other

In the cockpit...

Howard, Jessie, and Spencer....

Jessie discussing her bad girl side, and how she used an id she found to get in a club.

Now discussing her birthdays


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