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Weve seen the bathroom cams before in past seasons because hgs would try to.hide out there to cry or even make out..... but we havent seen them at all this season. And obviously they are not part of the live feeds, but it shows things no one would get to see. Macrae and Amanda in there shows when Amanda got upset with Elissa, her breaking point.

I would think they would just have a one person bathroom rule instead, right? Any other comments on this subject?

And as a side note......wth ElissA? Why was she so mean to Amanda? She isnt playing smart or being a nice person thst she claims to be..... :crazy:

Good question! I'm sure that the only reason we saw this was because of McCrae going to comfort Amanda. One would hope that they are not filming anything else in there. It would be a violation of privacy that one would expect even on a show that films 24/7.   :umn:

Elissa really got a bad edit last night with her comments about Amanda and the birthday surprise for McCrae. She tried to explain to Amanda later that she didn't really know anything about pole dancers or dominatrices and she was only joking and didn't mean to hurt her feelings but it still came off lame.   

I agree that editing is everything..... but I dont buy it that she didnt know what a pole dancer was? Come on....her sister is Rachel!!!!!

And all the comments on the show about the 1 piece bathi
ng suit and how *she* would never wear one snd she just didnt understand why anyone would wear one? How about for modesty?? Hello!! Not everyone has kids and looks like her afterwards :groan: And some Christians would say she dresses too risque'..... just sayin'

I guess im just disapointed in Elissa. I was totally rooting for her until this week.  Now who am i supposed to root for??

It's my personal opinion that production gave that swimsuit to Amanda for the birthday episode. Who would pick put something like that with fringes on the top and it really didn't fit her. It was too short for her.

There is no doubt that Elissa got a bad edit for last night's show, she didn't come off nice at all. I still like her but I sure wish she hadn't done some of the things she's done in the past few days.  :groan:

I never think of production meddling....... which makes sense that elissa knew and wanted Amanda to admit to production giving it to her....hmmmm

So as a spin off discussion.....

How much do you think production intetferes with the show? Do they give hgs stuff like bathing suits on the sly often? I know the hgs can go in the dr and ask questions, right? Or ask cor stuff like booze or medications?

( can you tell all my kids are gone today??? Woo hoo :cheer: momma can waste time on rff!! :yess:


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