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Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 7/25/13

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Jessie & Judd on the Patio...

Discussing the game

Jessie thinks its a game of luck...

Says Aaryn & Spencer have been doing good

Amanda comes over...

Smoking with the patch.

Judd says Kaitlin came up to her and asked if she was going home.

Judd told her she was.

Judd told Aaryn something, and Aaryn told him to tell McCrae

Jessie telling Judd it is a big deal

Judd says no.

Jessie takes off to practice the game again

Pulling clothes out of Dryer...

Before the practice is over, because they will probably be on lock down again.

Amanda knows Judd did something....

But doesn't know what

She is going to find out.

She calls Jessie in the House

Jessie gives the story....

Kaitlin came to Judd and asked

Judd said it was 50- 50

And tell Kaitlin Helen & Andy are the votes

Amanda asks why did she want to know

Because she wanted to know who is staying.

Practive over...

And all the HGs coming inside and picking over the dried clothes

Judd & Andy talking in the deco room...

Andy wants to know what Jessie was freaking out about.

Judd says it was nothing

And GM comes through and they leave


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