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Live Feed Updates Wednesday 7/24/13

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Amanda is pissed that someone used her name and said Aaryn save

She asks Spencer

Spencer doesn't know who said so he claims

Amanda is this all coming from Elissa

Judd She's clearly stirring the pot

Amanda thinks she's got some kind of power

Judd gets up and goes

SPencer comes back down

Says he doesn't even speak her name

Judd comes back over, and Kaitlin joins the group.

Kaitlin says that Elissa asks if she had a final four deal with Spencer and Howard

Kaitlin says Elissa told her you asked GM the same question.

Group getting larger outside, and bashing Elissa

Kaitlin said she was talking to Elissa in the kitchen.

And she (Kaitlin) wanted to talk to Helen.

Kaitlin telling her story to Amanda

Kaitlin says Elissa wouldn't tell her who told ELissa that.

Kaitlin says Elissa told her just confront the whole house.

Up in the HOH...

Andy, McCrae and Jessie

Discussing Elissa

Apparently Elissa cannot play in POV?

McCrae thinks Howard prayed to the right gods because they want her(Elissa to go over him)

Talking about who they don't believe in the house.

Howard and Spencer are at the top of the list

Andy says the people he is loyal to you aren't going anywhere

And if I don't you are gone

McCrae seemed to act like fuck you Helen

Jessie thought we could keep her in a parameter

McCrae: Has to go Spencer & Howard, and if one of them come down Elissa goes up

She decided to throw dirt all over Judd

Andy it will be seen by them that it was Judd

McCrae doesn't even know what to say them.

Backyard Patio...

GM if no one was man enough to stand up in the room and say it well then it was one of the 3 people not the room

Helen I told you Kaitlin that people told me yesterday that you were coming after me

Aaryn that's like biting the hand that feeds you

Kaitlin that's why I got upset when Elissa said I was going home.  I thought you two were on the same page

Helen says we were on the same page.  I don't know what happened

Aaryn comes out choking

Kaitlin and Aaryn outside talking

Candice comes out and asks if anyone wants to inform her

Talking about how the rumor is Kaitlin has a final four deal with her, Spencer and Howard, but that's only 3

Kaitlin was told Aaryn started the rumor

And then Aaryn went off and started at the house.

Kaitlin says she felt threaten by Elissa that she was sending her home.


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