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Live Feed Updates Wednesday 7/24/13

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Judd won HOH in Big Brother Royalty

America is MVP this week, we get to chose which HG we want to nominate as the 3rd person

Have Not  Comp Funky Froyo

Have Not's are Candice Spencer Jessie and Andy

Have Not Food Macaroni and Mango's

Judd nominated Aaryn and Kaitlin  to be on the block

America nominated Elissa to be on the block

POV players are Judd Elissa Kaitlin Aaryn  Mccrae Helen were picked Andy hosted

Elissa won POV but has to sit out the next POV

McCrae won $5000

Judd had Solitary Confinement for 24 hrs in the cockpit room with a loaf of bread a bucket of slop  a jug of water and an alarm that buzzes every 9 mins -Completed

Helen has a curfew that she has to be in bed at 8pm for 2 nights and can not talk to anyone while on curfew from 8pm -5am - Completed

Elissa used POV on  herself

America voted Gina Marie as the MVP Replacement Nominee

Kaitlin Aaryn and Gina Marie up for Eviction

helen runs up to hoh to tell amanda and mccrae what went done

 helen elissa needs to goi.. she told kaitlin everything..

helen i saw kaitlin with howard and spencer by the pool table before  she came in the room and im sure she told them to deny deny deny

 helen i just wanted to squash it..  and say if you are not in an alliance then it's over.. and then aaryn and elissa got into it..

 amanda elissa has a personal vendetta against aaryn  for some reason

amanda kaitlin is going

 helen yeah cuz if she wins it she is not putting  up howard or spencer

helen howard and spencer were so defensive and we have a clear conscious..

 mcrae yeah :lol3: right



Random chatter.

Helen talking about eating some spagatii

Amanda walks through the Kitchen,and Kaitlin says you missed quite the show

Amanda is ok with missing the show

Feeds jump outside...

Judd, Spencer and Amanda talking

Judd, Spencer, Howard, Kaitlin and GM are supposedly in an alliance according to she(?)

elissa going off on judd  no one had my back when aaryn and kaitlin attacked me.. all i did was ask a question

 judd you shouldnt say anythig to anyone

 elissa amanda asked everyone first.. i just asked her a question.. and  you always come to me

 elissa and ijust wanted to ask kaitlin a question on my own and i dont like that stuff that aaryn is saying aobut people

 judd what did spencer say

 elissa that he just wanted me to know he wanst in  anything

judd now i ahve a target on my back

 elissa how's that.. you guys asked me to vote kaitlin out and  i asked her.. i dint tell her that anyone told me tht and she was the one who said aaryn

 judd i would just assume that anythihg i said to you in confindence

 elisssa it is in confidnece but i have the right to know it's truw

 judd i put my back on the line to keep you here

 judd you'd be in canada right  now..

 elissa is laughing

 judd no im being seerrious..  heart to heart.. i  didnt weant you to go  home.. and i called in jessie .. and

 elissa i dont want to talk aobut it anymore..  i jujust wanted to ask kaitlin and i  dont beleive it's truye..   and if you didnt want to be thee you could have walked out.

 judd i didnt  want toi have my name under the bus

 elissa it's ridiculous sicne yhou guys told me that kaitlin gm and spencer and howard  and that you said that i needed to vote out kaitlin and not aaryn and  you guys didnt back me.. and aaryn is attacking me like i made thins up.. and  somehow this gets turned on me

 judd when your friends in the game  you should trust them

elissa this is ridiculous you all are liars in this game

 kaitlin outside now  first of all im sorry..

 elissa im sorry this has nothing to do with me i asked yuo a question


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