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Live Feed Updates Tuesday 7/23/13

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In the HOH Bath...

Amanda & McCrae.

Discussing how McCrae has done on comps

Amanda wonders why she does so bad on comps

McCrae you and Andy

Amanda says she thought McCrae was being portrayed as genus.

McCrae, nope just a pizza boy

On the hammock...

Candice talking about how she ended up in Calli.

And all feeds cut upstairs...

McCrae tells Amanda he has a situation.

Amanda talking about Howard and how she can't stand him.  He's such a liar.

Four feeds of Showmance....

BB - Howard please go to the DR

Amanda telling McCrae about a talk she had with Helen earlier.

And it's difficult to tell what she is saying as no mic an she's whispering.

Judd And Aaryn talking in design room.

Aaryn telling Judd a story about Howard, and keeps playing with her mic, so impossible to understand her.

Sounded like something about if Aaryn agreed to work with them they would keep her safe

Aaryn says she's been telling people she doesn't know what Judd wants, or he wants Kaitlin here.

Judd says he's been telling people the same.


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