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Live Feed Updates Tuesday 7/23/13

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gm if 5 people are supposed to be in an alliance and one person jumps off the block

 hoard i don't know why you got to say anything like that i have no respect for y8ou as a man and human being

 kaitlin i have always been friends with gm and aaryn and no one is gonna stop me  just because of the game

kaitlin confrontation is super hard for me

 elissa well y8ou did good but  it shouldnt have been a confrontation a simple  question  turned into to  this

 kaitlin all i ahve is my word

 howard well i  dont have a problem with you calling me in

kaitlin i dont want people to  go around and say things and  this never  happens with everyone in one room

 elissa not everyone is here

 hoard  candice is sleepig mccrae and amanda  are up stiars

 kaitlin i heard that amanda and mccrae were going around asking  before i was asked

 eliss why did yhou say i was the second

  kaitlin im sorry im calling y8ou outn gm gm said it to me

 elissa  i dont know  why .. i was just asking you a questiuon kaitlin

 gm i think kaitlin was asking you a questiuon

 aaryn kaitlin you came to me and told me

 elissa you want to get amanda and mccrae about this

 kaitlin  this is all an issue is that amanda asked amanda the same question..

 gm i was in hoh  and amanda asked me if i was in an alliance with howard and spencer and i said no

 kaitlin  if that is the case they why dint yo come to me

everyone is denyintg tht theya re in an alalicne and they denied sayig anything to anyone

 gm i dont have nick on my side and im alone here :lol3:

 spencer i dont like to get accused of having an alliance just because i stay up late

gm people might see us outback and assume that we have something going on

 kaitlin im sorry to anyone for the uncomfortable

 howard i dont mind being confronted

 elissa and aaryn back at it :meow:

kaitlin elissa is not the source of the problem

 elissa clearly the one that is pointing thing out is the one that  is saying things

 aaryn i heard you say my name.. i dont know why  we are going in circles

 kaitlin  i think we are done here


everyone but kailin aaryn judd and gm leave the room

 kaitlin i had anxiety the whole time

 aaryn i walked in here into a mouse trap

 kaitlin i know it;s hoard is the mvp

 aaryn what was that..  why did we ahve to do that over and over

GM call candice's ass out that her baby daddy's in here with us stirring shit up

 aaryn is breaking down..  arryn i am going home because of her because of one fucking person

 kaitlin we are all going home because of her


kaitlin i heard that there was a rumor started and i just wanted to find out and i didnt mean to bring your name up

 aaryn i only stayed in here to show people i am not a liar and i dint make it up and i am sick of people blaming me for everything

 kaitlin well it's you and i gm you have nothing to worry about

 aaryn im pretty sure i secured it 

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