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Live Feed Updates Tuesday 7/23/13

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Judd won HOH in Big Brother Royalty

America is MVP this week, we get to chose which HG we want to nominate as the 3rd person

Have Not  Comp Funky Froyo

Have Not's are Candice Spencer Jessie and Andy

Have Not Food Macaroni and Mango's

Judd nominated Aaryn and Kaitlin  to be on the block

America nominated Elissa to be on the block

POV players are Judd Elissa Kaitlin Aaryn  Mccrae Helen were picked Andy hosted

Elissa won POV but has to sit out the next POV

McCrae won $5000

Judd had Solitary Confinement for 24 hrs in the cockpit room with a loaf of bread a bucket of slop  a jug of water and an alarm that buzzes every 9 mins -Completed

Helen has a curfew that she has to be in bed at 8pm for 2 nights and can not talk to anyone while on curfew from 8pm -5am - Completed

Elissa used POV on  herself

America voted Gina Marie as the MVP Replacement Nominee

Kaitlin Aaryn and Gina Marie up for Eviction

elissa has joined  andy's covo about the one that got away

 helen they broke up 2 days before finals to come here

amanda and mccrae in the  bathtub  talking about  Elissa  talking about aaryn

last post of the night! :waves:

A couple different random convos on the hammock...

Hard to follow...

Night Ugot!  :waves:


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