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I like Elissa a lot more. I was never a Rachel Reilly fan and thought her antics were ridiculous and then add in Brendan....I was certainly not a fan.

They definitely look alike (although I think Elissa got some of the better genes) and they sound sooooo much a like. They have a lot of the same mannerisms.

I guess I will get to my point. haha. They both have the same stale taste in clothes. Not cute at all. Did you see the outfit Elissa had on during the have not or during her seran wrap stuff????  :funny: :funny:

WOW  :iok

I hated Rachel in BB12. She was okay in BB14 especially when Brendon/the showmance left. I like Elissa at this point in the game.

I liked Rachel especially in the second season but Brendon was a drag and Rachel did much better when she could make her own decisions without him destroying her self confidence and self esteem. I do like Elissa, she's like the direct opposite of Rachel, other than they do resemble each other. Elissa has a kind heart, couldn't say that about Rachel.

Just my  :2cents: :)

I liked Elissa in the beginning but she was pretty cruel to Amanda during McCray's birthday surprise. She kept making fun of Amanda's one piece swim suit and told her she looked like a stripper. All I could think was those who are related to Rachell Riley should not cast stones. She also claimed to be embarrassed over the birthday spanking by Amanda. Please!!! Your sister had sex on camera Alissa. 

I only liked Rachel when it was her and Jordan, and I did root for her to win. I just can't stand Elissa she is so judgmental and she just really don't understand the game, I'm hoping she's the one who leaves next week so she doesn't mess up any more people game. All I can say she is one  :crazy: person


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