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Live Feed Updates Monday 7/22/13

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Pool Table

Howard, Jessie, Spencer playing pool

Over on the Patio...

Discussing the plans for McCrae's & Amanda's BB wedding.

Candice says she is going to make a wedding dress out of a sheet.

Discussing what a best man wears to the BB wedding.

Amanda comes out...

And Candice says we need to talk about your dress because I'm designing it.

Talking about how long everyone knew about it.

Aaryn says that Amanda's ring looks like the kind of ring she wants.

Aaryn says the ring is a yellow diamond not cut or anything.

Amanda says McCrae really liked the Godzilla(Goldzilla)

BY lounge gang discussing the wedding

Some others shooting pool

Amanda rehashing the story of McCrae "proposing" to her.

Amanda says McCrae was nervous.

Aaryn jokes it would of been cuter on the balcony

Amanda says she definitely doesn't have a boyfriend back home now.

Amanda says we should have it after the eviction.

Candice says instead of Roscoe Report we can do the wedding on Tuesday.

Andy thinks that's a good idea.  The Roscoe Report should be laid to rest for a while.

Kaitlin decided to go take a nap.

GM says she has a hammock


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