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Live Feed Updates Sunday 7/21/13

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Judd sleeping thru the latest buzz in the cockpit room

Many Hg's in HOH just sitting around and chatting

Backyard is now open.

Aaryn says she can't tell Spencer who said what.

Her words get twisted around.

Spencer says he is trying to connect dots

Aaryn says she has nothing against Spencer and would not vote him out.

Aaryn says she's just been listening.

Spencer would like her to tell him some things.  He promises it won't go past him.

Aaryn says she feels chastised this week

Spencer says there is a push to get her out.

He says its not even Judd.

He says its pretty much everybody else.

Spencer says its systematically knocking you all off.

Tells Aaryn if she fucks him she's going down

He tells her because she is the problem

He says there is no real "because" anymore. 

It's all of what has happened.

Aaryn heads outside.

1/2... Are now in the HOH...

Candice wonders if something is being spearheading something to get someone other than Aaryn out

Amanda says shes not.  Wouldn't be doing anything unless it was with MVP, and she doesn't have it.

Andy saran wrapping Elissa in the HOH

Aaryn and Spencer hammocking

GinaMarie trying to work out


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