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Live Feed Updates Sunday 7/21/13

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mccre i think that judd might have something with spencer and howard

 amanda i am so tired  of someone saying  that " that's my person" that is the most embarrassing.. i would just shoot myself...

 amanda jess was upsewtr cuz i asked  to ahve 5 mns with judd and she said that she wouldnt say anything..

mccrae i heard that jess is worried about you..

 amanda from who

 mccrae andy

 amanda and yeah you shouldnt have told andy about helen..

Time to lock this thread down for the night! Lets move on over to a new day! ► http://forum.realityfanforum.com/index.php/topic,29159.0.html

Judd wants to know if the hOH can get a penalty nom

Andy yeah they probably could

Judd yeah because we can't just do whatever we want


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