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Live Feed Updates Saturday 7/20/13

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McManda is glad that Jessie can't sleep up here anymore because now they can deliberate without her.  But, Spencer is up here all the time because he's worried.

McCrae: If I won Veto, who would I take down?  Kaitlin?

Amanda: Yeah

McCrae: That seems reasonable.  I can't stand Aaryn.  But, I'll be huge target.  I can't win it.  I hope its a luxury one. 

Amanda: Me too

McCrae: I'm taking as many prizes as I can.

Kaitlyn wants to do AR with Jeremy and she thinks they would kill it

Kaitlyn I wonder if CBS would let us do it?

Aaryn doing her cake balls

Aaryn these are gonna be so f@@king good

Elissa in and GM too

GM going back in the HT Kaitlyn is going to make brownies she says

Cake balls downstairs...

In HOH...

Judd & Amanda

Leaving everyone with Aaryn and her cake balls  :waves:

Thanks for everything Belle  :luvya: Hey Howie  :waves:


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