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Live Feed Updates Saturday 7/20/13

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Jeremy evicted 9-0-1 vote

Judd won HOH in Big Brother Royalty

America is MVP this week, we get to chose which HG we want to nominate as the 3rd person

Have Not's are Candice Spencer Jessie and Andy

Have Not Food Macaroni and Mango's

Judd nominated Aaryn and Kaitlin  to be on the block

In the BY we have Andy Elissa Howard Candice Spencer on the couches talkign about the HN comp

GM and Helen at the HT

FF to Aaryn and Kaitlyn in KT

Amanda and McCrae talking about whether Judd and Jess hooked up. 

Amanda; Howard will figure out how to break us up.  The other people in the house aren't as savvy.

McCrae: the only other savvy person is Aaryn.

Amanda: She wouldn't put us up because that would make her a huge target

McCrae:  SPencer just wants to try to stay here.  Howard will make big game moves.

Amanda:  We just finished the third eviction.   Its early.

McCreaL I wonder how we're portrayed.  Maybe we're the bad guys.

Amanda: No way.   Just by judging what i know of myself . . . 

Judd comes upstairs. 


Girls making cake balls I think

Aaryn thinks that David's mom will love her


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