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Judd may not be the one we had hoped


I know opinions on a TV show like this are wide ranging and subjective.

- I find athletic males to be relate-able
- I routinely cheer for underdogs
- I am a Rachel hater, so I hate Elissa by default. I hate the free ride that Elissa has had this year and want her gone (that stupid MVP thing).
- Amanda and Elissa have had way too much control over the house, and I want to see them squirm.

I thought Judd would shake things up and make a power move, but so far he's being swayed by those in control.

If Judd back doors Elissa I will be  :yess: :wohoo: :waves:

I understand some folks will get  (:;) about this, but that's how I feel.

Also I am so sick and tired of athletes being viewed as "threats". This is Big Brother, not gym class. The good social players are the real threats. Come on Judd, really look around you my friend. Get the real social threats out (Amanda or Elissa).

I knew Judd would be a wildcard. I don't think we will get to see his true colors unless the veto is used.

I hate that Amanda thinks she can control every HOH because she uses the "it's what the house wants" card. It's not what the house wants and it's just what she wants.

I like Howard.  :<3


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