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Live Feed Updates Friday 7/19/13

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Kaitlin talking about her mice she had as pet.

And how all three female mice got prego

amanda gets on top of mccrae

mccrae no not now there are too many people

mccrae im so afraid..

amanda the arm pits of that shirt smells.. like sour

 mccrae  helen..

Aaryn talks about her pet rat...

Cuts to Elissa & GM for a second, they are discussing the MVP twist.

Back to the design room, animal talk

In the Kitchen...

amanda i think we unleashed the beast last night dont you

 mccrae yeah

 amanda is in a sexual way :lol3:

amanda im a seductress..  that's true i walk around in my underwear

 mccrae yeah

 mccrae i thought those questions were easy..


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