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Live Feed Updates Friday 7/19/13

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Jeremy evicted 9-0-1 vote

Judd wins HOH in Big Brother Royalty

Have Nots can eat at Midnight

America is MVP this week, we get to chose which HG we want to nominate

GM cant find her contact case and contacts..  she's freaking out! :lol3:

GM finds it on her bed and shows the room
andy she was just cursing at us.. we were talking about taking nicks stuff and putting it in candice's draw

andy is over GM and nick

amanda and mccrae in the cockpit

 mccrae we are going to be ehr longer than a month

mccrae we are breaking all the rules

amanda we ahve everyone on our side..  doesnt know tht we are gunnign for him

 mccrae  if he catches word of it

 amanda who is he goiong to beleive

 mccrae that's true

 amanda  he;'s not going to believe spencer

amanda she's not happy about judd wining this

 mccrae no.. people were throwing it.. i wish i went with a crazy number..

mccrae i wonder if he is going to BD howard

 amanda he is

McCrae woke up with morning wood and it was bad this morning.. i lid int eh cockpit foir a while and people were coming in and taliking to me..

 mccraer then i had to go in the Dr

 amanda did you have it when y8ou went in there?

 mccrae no..

 amanda did they ask you about it

 mccrae not

Showmance in the cockpit...

Andy, Judd, & Kaitin in the design room

Andy telling a story about how he stole the bingo chips in school


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