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Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 7/18/13

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aaryn what's wrong? why are you not  agreeeing with me  with not wanting to trry again.

 gm i understand.. maybe she is having an off day..

aaryn the fact that youa re saying try again later.. and im not doing it again.. i have done it with ehr severla times and im not going to  put myself in this position

 gm it's like 3 strikes your out

 aaryn it's like more  than 5 times..

 aaryn and i dint say please forgive me but i did tell her that she will see when /if i get hoh again

 gm im not putting up helen and mccrae and you ..  you guys dint put me up  i give respect where respect is due

:waves: Howie!  I'm heading out  now hat you are here :waves:

The Rosco Report "set"

Night Ugot!  :waves:

GM and McCrae

Random chatter about McCrae showing her how to make something tonight or tomorrow.

Fees cut to the bathroom...

Candice doing her hair

Up to the HOH bath...

Helen getting ready

Cut to the hot tub...

Jessie, McCrae, Judd...

Short convo, only caught the tail end of me.

McCrae says me and Amanda come as a pair.

Aaryn comes over to Judd & Jessie, I thought it was already suppose to be ready.  Or I would still be lying in bed.


In the Living Room....

Random chatter.

Andy says he hopes the after dark watchers are having fun, as everyone isn't ready.

McCrae shows GM a "ring" he made for Amanda.

GM thinks Amanda will love it.

GM asks Mcrae if he's going to give it to her at a certain time, says when they go on a "date" after slop.

Talking about what GM can do at the wedding.

McCrae tells GM don't say anything

GM won't

Elissa is the "BB wedding planner"


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