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Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 7/18/13

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Helen wins HOH OverNight Delivery True/False with 2 tie breaker questions

Have Not Comp Scary Dairy

Helen and Jeremy sit out Jeremy has his Never Not Pass and Helen is HOH

Have Nots are Mccrae Amanda Judd Jessie

America Voted Have Not food Grapefruits and Guacamole

Helen Nominated Aaryn and Kaitlin on the Block

Elissa is Voted MVP

Spencer is Nominated by the MVP

POV Players Helen Kaitlin Aaryn Spencer Gina Marie Candice  Judd Hosted

POV comp Keeping up with the Jones'

Kaitlin won POV

Kaitlin used POV on herself

Helen Nominated Jeremy as the replacement

Jeremy Spencer and Aaryn are on the block and up for Eviction

feeds 1/2 Jess and gm out back

 feeds flip to aaryna and elissa

 aaryn trying to  apoligize to elissa.

 elissa i never had a personal attack on you and i dont like that fct that youa re saying that i ahve.. and i dont

 aaryn i dont ahve any hard feelings for you anymore.. and im sorry about that and if i get any power you will see thru myn actions.. and i am sorry for  whatever.. and so many  mis understandings that..

 elissa that wsnt anythig aobut you  y ou were renting out the hoh room.

aaryn you said that the only reason that i won hoh is that i take adderall..

 elissa i don't think i want to talk to you. i dont think that  anything good will come from it

 aaryn well ok.. and aaryn walks away :lol:

  Elissa  shut down aaryn! :lol3:

feeds flip up to hoh with  GM aaryn and andy


On the Hammock.

Amanda talking about how cool it would be to be the first showmance to make it to the final two.

Amanda says they should make that a goal.

McCrae tells her that's always the goal

aaryn tells andy and GM about her trying to talk to elissa in the abthroom

 aaryn i told her that we dont ahve to talk and that we had out words toward each toehr and im sorry for whatever i said.. and she siad that we nhave nothng  in common and  she doesnt like or dislike me and she has notning  to say to me

 gm well you tried

 aaryn when someoen extends the olive branch why dont you just say thank you for doing that  and even if you dont mean it

aaryn she siad that the hoh was a whore shack and that i won hoh cuz i take adderal

 andy well it may take time  she is being friendly with jeremy

 aaryn yeah and why is she  talking to jeremy efore  me

 aaryn it's not my job to be the olive branch extender

Judd comes over to the hammock...

Talks about Aaryn.

McCrae heads off to do something.

Judd escorts Amanda inside


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