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TAR Canada 1: Ep 1 "Where in the World is Ogopogo?"

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Just watched the episode, and really enjoyed it. And I am happy to say that this will definitely fill the TAR void this summer for me, as this looks more like China Rush and a lot less like Family Edition (thank goodness).

It's too early to tell which teams I like, and which ones I don't. I thought the alpha male team would be jerks, but so far, I am not getting that impression.

And major ouch, with the way the elimination happened. When the host said "may be eliminated", I thought it would be non-elimination. Still, I did like the twist with having each team get 2 clues instead of the usual 1. 

Looking forward to seeing more of Canada.

I thought it was an excellent premiere.  I liked Jon Montgomery and think he will improve over time.  This is a guy with real personality as proved during the Olympics so I think that will show more as the series goes on.  The challenges were good - at least entertaining to watch so that is a hopeful sign as well.

Canada has had a spotty record of doing reality shows so I was most impressed by the excellent production values.

I am really looking forward to the rest of this series!

Those would be excellent ratings for a Canadian produced show - especially in the summer.  It will be interesting to see if the numbers hold as the series progresses.

The scenery was awesome. Too bad Kelowna was in the dark,
but the blue bear was beautiful in the light.
They could have named it something like the lows and the highs of the area.
I loved the contrast from the bottom of the lake to the train trestle.
The end was awesome with the twins outrunning the cowboys only to get eliminated.
Jody and Tim Sr walking on the trestle was awe inspiring.
Loved it.

Maybe episode 2 can feature Sasquatch (big foot).
uhm, uhm.


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