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And they are off to their bags first clue:

Drive to the butterfly conservatory in Niagara Falls to get their next clue.

Next clue: search the conservatory for next clue. Search at more dangerous animals you get a better flight.

Two flights to Kelowna

Yellow truck @blue bear. Each team will use interac cards instead of cash on the race.

I've been to the Butterfly Conservatory!

The twins/tims did not select both clue evnvelopes as instructed in the clue.

Teams now at Pearson Airport, Toronto.

Cowboys last to arrive.

Kirsten Darren, holly brett, hal joanne, vanessa and celina on first flight. The other five on the last flight.

You lucky EST bums. :funny: :funny: :funny:

LOL Jet's cousin being Hal for haloween  :funny:

First teams landed in Kelowna.

Route info:

Go to Lakefront Water sports kiosk and rent a personal watercraft.

$40 for this leg of this race via Interac.

Vanessa/Celina are lost.

The army bros set of the security alarm at the airport  :funny:

Back from commercial

Teams need to take numbers at the club.

Holly Brett make and express pass agreement like tar22.


Roadblock: Dive for Ogopogo. Search lake for statue of Ogopogo.


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