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Worst TAR Leg

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As the update of TAR25 and 26, I nominate Japan 1 from 26. :lol:

Like seriously, that leg was such a big mess. Super short premier with ONLY one task in Japan for 90 minutes episode. :stare  This leg made 22.08 Switzerland an amazing leg!

Hands down for me...the starting line elimination. NEVER will get over that cruelty!

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--- Quote from: Wadsy591 on July 26, 2015, 06:38:42 PM ---TAR 24  :  Every single leg except Spain -  Terrible season with nothing good, all the teams were mediocre and the race design suffered badly

--- End quote ---
Except Spain! :lol: Someone's with me! :hearts:

24-12 was in my opinion the worst season finale. No opportunity for the order to change, a task that was just show and not really even a task, and no memory challenge (though I will give them credit, this was probably due to the rumoured scrapped legs in Philippines and Australia). Caroline & Jen said the race was already won at the last cluebox.

A lot of the tasks in that season felt cheap, especially in the second half (...shaving balloons?), and I jokingly like to think it's because TPTB blew their budget on David Copperfield  :funny:


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