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Worst TAR Leg

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As the update of TAR25 and 26, I nominate Japan 1 from 26. :lol:

Like seriously, that leg was such a big mess. Super short premier with ONLY one task in Japan for 90 minutes episode. :stare  This leg made 22.08 Switzerland an amazing leg!

Hands down for me...the starting line elimination. NEVER will get over that cruelty!

Wow, interesting thread for sure. This is going to be an interesting list, but here it is...

TAR 4 :  Leg 8 (Malaysia)  -  Just a really boring leg with no drama at all. Whats worse was the predictable non-elimination placement, since we hadn't had one to this point

TAR 7 :  Leg 7 (Botswana 2) - Someone else had the same opinion about this leg. Dull leg in Botswana with no bunching points or a chance for Brian & Greg to catch up

TAR 9 :  Leg 5 (Italy 2) - The leg before this was great, but why not this one? It was weak, bland and predictable. Again, no chance for changes in placements. Mojo was very annoying as well

TAR 16 :  Leg 5 (France) - Like many others on this thread, the whole war element to the leg was dull and not suited for the race. Bland

TAR 17 :  Leg 6 (Russia) - I would have to say Russia is the most overrated country visited on TAR, along with China and the UK. This leg on the other hand was just mediocre, and Nick & Vicki's constant arguing and suffering made things worse. They should have just visited Bosnia or one of the Eastern Europe countries

TAR 19 :  Leg 4 (Thailand) - When I first saw this I considered to be TAR's all time worst. Bland task design, rushed, muddled and all over the place. What a disappointment

TAR 19 :  Leg 5 (Thailand 2) - I didn't want to put another S19 leg here as I love the season so much but this leg felt rushed and had poor task design. What a shame

TAR 21 :  Legs 7 & 8 (Russia) - I am sorry but Russia.. again? Man.. Both these legs were bland and below par, TAR could have used this opportunity to visit Africa, making this a four continent season at least

TAR 22 :   Legs 10 & 11 (United Kingdom) - After Germany, the race lost its momentum. These two dull legs were not needed, and the drama went away. They should have gone to South America, making this a 6 continent season. I just felt that these two legs were unnecessary, and boring.

                Leg 12 (Washington, D.C) - The finale just didn't stick with me. I loved how Bates & Anthony won, but it was just a dull finale after such a great season. Poor presentation and rather                                                     upsetting

TAR 24  :  Every single leg except Spain -  Terrible season with nothing good, all the teams were mediocre and the race design suffered badly

TAR 26  :  Leg 3 (Thailand) - The dress up challenge completely ruined the leg, hideous. Poor task design on this leg,


--- Quote from: Wadsy591 on July 26, 2015, 06:38:42 PM ---TAR 24  :  Every single leg except Spain -  Terrible season with nothing good, all the teams were mediocre and the race design suffered badly

--- End quote ---
Except Spain! :lol: Someone's with me! :hearts:

24-12 was in my opinion the worst season finale. No opportunity for the order to change, a task that was just show and not really even a task, and no memory challenge (though I will give them credit, this was probably due to the rumoured scrapped legs in Philippines and Australia). Caroline & Jen said the race was already won at the last cluebox.

A lot of the tasks in that season felt cheap, especially in the second half (...shaving balloons?), and I jokingly like to think it's because TPTB blew their budget on David Copperfield  :funny:


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