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Worst TAR Leg

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TAR 22 Switzerland comes high on the list. Had problems staying awake watching that episode.

TAR4 Australia 2 was disgusting.

Since it aired on TV last night, I have to say.

TAR 21 Shanghai

It was seriously boring for a Leg 1. The tasks were boring to watch. I don't consider playing ping-pong compelling TV. And the task that DID have potential (eating hasma) disappointed. Just a really really bad start to a season I absolutely hate aside from some of the teams.

- the finale of TAR 16, the worst finale ever
- the finale of TAR 19, the second worst finale ever
- Shanghai leg1 TAR 21, The worst China leg ever (very disappointing.)
- Indonesia leg2 TAR 21, very poor use of my country, pointless task. hard to say but worst leg of TAR 21
-Switzerland leg8 TAR 22, i love every legs in switzerland. i mean it. except for this one. i love every single legs in TAR 22. i also mean it. except for this one too. thus making this leg the worst switzerland leg, and the worst leg in TAR 22

Aus 2 Leg 2


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