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Worst TAR Leg

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--- Quote from: MrDS on July 22, 2013, 03:33:13 AM ---I just thought I'd like to put an end to, "was cheese hill a part of a Detour, therefore it wasn't a Switchback"

Meghan has a Route Info clue in her hand leading up towards cheese hill, so in fact it was a Switchback, and Meghan must have just had a slip of the tongue

--- End quote ---
Okay, thanks for the confirmation, MrDS.

Now that TAR 23 is here, I would say the worst leg for me is now Iquque :p

Mister RC:
Pretty much every leg in Season 6 is bad enough for me. Sad to say since it was a highly-rated year and an early season in the series. But too much bunching, negative energy, and lack of respect took away from the sights themselves.  Leg 9? Pretty difficult to forget that one!

I think TAR6 was great actually, though I do agree on the bunches.

I would say the TAR 22 finale. Not only was the spy RB not as good as TAR 8, and it led to Maxie robbage, it was a horribly linear leg that basically rewarded luck and I hate those kinds of legs. :res:


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