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Since there's a best TAR leg thread, I made a "Worst TAR leg" thread. :lol:

Anyway, I'll start the convo.

One of the worst has to be TAR 22 Switzerland.

We literally waited for two weeks. </3

Too many trains </3

An average Roadblock </3

No Detour </3

Chynona eliminated </3

The Switchback wasn't as good or memorable </3

Overall just a really really bad leg. The scenery was gorgeous but the leg was so bleargh.

For me it has to be the final leg in TAR 10.

Roadblock and Detour in Paris, then the flight to New York and then they did next to nothing in NYC ...

Plus a very anticlimactic finish.

TAR21 Palma de Mallorca *chokes*, as well as TAR21 France *dies* were positively horrible legs. Palma had idiotic tasks, and so did France really, and had terrible results too :/

Surabaya Part 2 in Season 21. I don't like it too much
France Part 1 Season 16, fictional war and Tour d' France. Not much drama, boring
Bangkok Season 19, Come on only unimportant fish task in Bangkok? Why not put the pit stop stay in Phuket?
And yeah, I agree that Switzerland Season 22 and last 2 legs before the finale of Season 21 are not that good.

TARAus2 Legs 5, 6, and 7. Poor leg designs with mid-leg travel and yields before intersections. :res: And having them right in a row. :tantrum


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