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TAR Canada 1 MEDIA DAY and Advertising Sightings

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Are they filming commercial or what?!

I see a couple standing in front of the black car and being shot by the cameraman...
and it's a canada map on the mat...

3hrs ago
"Haha so jokes they are filming the amazing race in bloor west village"

Found this pic earlier today,

There's not much information given in the description, but I strongly believed that this is an official TAR Cluebox with those screws on the bottom to tighten it to the ground, even though I don't really know if it's belong to the US, Canada, or Latin America version...

Maybe someone could find out where this rooftop is located...

about 23hours ago

"Waiting to check the teams in amazing race"

That is from the Amazing Race Canada Media Day :tup:


Here's another one...

Toronto :tup:


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