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Live Feed Updates Friday 7/12/13

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GM & Aaryn talking in "deco" room.

Aaryn talking about how if someone wins $500K good for them, but people are going to see their character.

Trying to help make GM feel better.

GM: I don't have my best friend anymore.

andy i trust you me amanda mccrae and elissa and judd

 helen what about candice

 andy not even candice she is a loose cannon.. let her keep blowing up  and jessie might realize she is  low man

 andy you have to  be rock solid the 5 of us with elissa

andy howard and spencer are shittng bricks and they were trying to see which side  was in power

game talk ends when candice comes in.

Hey Howie!! :waves: 




Candice, Helen, and Andy...

Have-not room

Talking about no bullying this week

Helen says she will be pleasant to the other side.

One week with no bullying in the house.

Candice talking about how she did a cockroach celebration dance.

Hi Ugot!  :waves:

GM is having a full on melt down
Aryn this is not what you came in this game for

GM I know that and Nick made me feel really smart
Aryn you are smart. you came in here with a big freaking personality

Aaryn you are gonna be your worst enemy and your worst down fall. But we have all the food in the SR we can eat

GM we don't have any soda

Aryn this game can change in a heart beat


GM is still crying....

Aaryn get her some more tissue.

Aaryn tells GM she is the one who feels stupid now.

Every single person came up to her and told her they were voting for Elissa.

The jokes on me.

Aaryn I lost my best friend in this house.

And now we lost another person we care about.

A person who was thrown in here because they were related to a past person.

GM says she has a headache.


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