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Live Feed Updates Friday 7/12/13

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Spencer in  Howard tells him it';s ok he can com in

 candice i knew about it i just knew not to say anything cuz i wanted you guys to protect me

 spencer we want to work with good people  and i know t's hard to trust.. but just give us the time and opportunity..

candice i dont have any issues about it yo all took me off the block..

spencer i under estimated jeremy's ego and arrogance

Andy and McCrae meet in SR.   McCrae wants to get to Elissa before Jeremy

Andy for the sake of continuity he has to be mad at him.

Andy faked his surprise when  Jeremy told him about the MC while they were plyaing chess

Andy has to be hurt at McCrae.   

Thanks everyone!! Time to close this thread down and move on over to a new day!! :waves:  http://forum.realityfanforum.com/index.php/topic,29108.0.html [/]


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