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Live Feed Updates Friday 7/12/13

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helen in the SR w/ Aaryn ok listen there will be a 3rd nominee and they will be replaced.. and  dnt worry just play like you  are pissd

 aaryn  i am just finding out that i don't have anyone i can trust that i am aligned with

feeds  back up to HOH hoard is questioning the whole helen getting rice stuff now that candice told them that  she was in the SR with jermy

Candice and Howard talking in the HOH room. Howard tells he likes Candice and its not a showmance. He says sleeping with me gave m confidence and sense of comfort.

Feeds switch to Andy and Spencer into the have not room. Andy says he wants his space and that he is mad at Spencer and will talk later.

Looks like the house is made at Howard and Spencer over the Moving Company.

Elissa is in the DR so can't join the cockpit.  Amanda really wants to backdoor Jeremy.  They all agree that he is scrambling. 

Jess joins. 

And then does Jeremy.

Howard at the end of the HOH bed.. howard im going to  quarter back this

 hoard im gonna tell you everything

 candice yo gonna tell another lie.. just tell the truth

 hoard im not gonna lie im getting feelings for you..  it's a sense of conflict. it's not like a showmance or anything.. and  feeds  move to spencer and andy in the havenot room

 andy shuts spencer down says he's too hurt to talk to him and he just wants to gather his thoughts and that if helen didnt win HOH he would have never known..

 spencer  ok.. im sorry..

 spencer heads back up to hoh

Amanda wants to make slop ice cream. She leaves.

So does McCrae.

Jess, Judd and Jeremy talking.  Its so hard for him to talk to people

Jeremy: Will you lose weight on slop?

Jess:  i might

Jeremy: Is it good for you, healthy?

Judd: yes, its got all the nutrients

Jeremy: Veto is tomorrow no doubt.  MVP goes up tomorrow so I guess I go up.

Judd hypothesizes that SUnday will be a live double eviction episode.   :res:


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