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Live Feed Updates Friday 7/12/13

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Aryn and GM on 3 and 4 still talking and Aryn is trying to be a friend and talk GM down

Bye Howie  :waves: NN Ugot  :waves:

GM I think I am good person.

I don't wanna take advantage.

Aaryn: you are so much like me, you are a good person.

Night KK  :waves:

GM talking about how she had such a connection with him, and she didn't even kiss him

GM didn't care that he was cute, or muscly he liked him because he was him

Aaryn says you and him will be friends forever.

Aaryn telling GM people take advantage of you because you are a good person.

Says the only reason this happened today was because people took advantage of me.

Aaryn says in 69 days or less, you will see him.

GM: He comes to finale?

Aaryn: Yes, everyone comes to finale?

GM: Yeah! 

Aaryn talking about how people would love to be in her spot.

And be cut throat.

Part of her feels bad, like she doesn't belong here.

And another part is proud of her, that she's not like that.

GM says she would explain and tell them first if she had to make such a rash decision.

Aaryn the more time you invest in this game, the more fake and cut throat people get.


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