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Live Feed Updates Friday 7/12/13

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Nick is the Second HG  Evicted

Nick received 7 votes

Helen received 0 votes

Elissa received 4 votes

Helen wins HOH OverNight Delivery True/False with 2 tie breaker questions

Aaryn tells GM she can't be carrying around Nick's coffee cup she is going to lose it and her downfall is we can't be fake

Aaryn Nick doesn't want you to break down over him and you have to move forward and try your hardest

helen this is everyne's hoh

 elissa how exciting is this

 helen i feel like i should clean the dishes.. it's something to do

 candice you want to be in the same outfit

 BB Howard to the DR

elissa yo guys are such great guys

 spencer who?

 elissa you and hoard

 spencer hwoard is a great guy.. his routine  and he volunteers.. he's an all around good guy

 helen we can forget  that eff'n information

jeremy im not going to throw yo girls under the bus

 kaitlin  it doesn't matter i dont  want to be here with these people

 jeremy im still here cant we still enjoy each other cuz it doesnt sound like it

Amanda comes in and kisses GM on the cheek

GM I found Nick's chapstick

Amanda good you can use it and think of kissing him

GM I never got to kiss him and this hurts worse than losing my fiancee

Amanda I wish there was something I could say to soothe you

Amanda let me know if you wanna come out i will make you a bowl of ice cream or something

GM thanks


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