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The 10 Most Memorable of Big Brother History...So Far

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14 seasons, with a 15th underway, Countless alliances, endless days in the BB houses, and tonight promises to possibly bring another big moment in the history of Big Brother.  But before then, let's take a look at the top ten moments in BB history up to now. Some of these were game changers, some are just moments you don't forget.

Full Disclosure:  This is my top 10, feel free to add you own thoughts below.

1) Marcellas Win the POV but chooses not to use it
-The Power of Veto allows a Big Brother contestant who has been nominated for eviction to remove his nomination, forcing the Head of Household to nominate someone else in his place. At the final five in Big Brother 3, Marcellas Reynolds won the Veto but chose not to use it on himself, believing he was safe no matter what happened. He was very wrong. After a tie vote he was evicted by Jason, the current Head of Household.

2) Chima Loses It
- Season 11 brought us some fond memories.  One of which was Jeff using the Coup D'Etat and really advancing his game.  But that would set off a moment that would go down in Big Brother Loir. It began a full on downward spiral for Chima.  She began breaking many rules, would not put on her mic, would not go to the DR, (I believe) she may have even eaten as a have-not.  But the straw that broke Big Brother's back was after another Houseguest went and got her mic for her, she threw it in the pool.  She was ordered by BB to the DR, and walked out the back door.

3) The infamous toothbrush incident
-Big Brother 2 contestant Shannon Dragoo was an addition to the Chilltown alliance, having struck up a romance of sorts with Will Kirby. When Head of Household Hardy Ames-Hill nominated Shannon and Will for eviction, Shannon decided to do a little house cleaning. She took Hardy's electric toothbrush and gave the toilet a good scrubbing with it. She was immediately called to the Diary Room where she was instructed to tell Hardy what she had done. She lied and told him she had dropped and broken the toothbrush.

4) Dr. Will's POV speech.
-Season 7 brought us the return of Dr. Will and Chilltown to the Big Brother house.  But in his speech to "safe" him with the POV he blasts all the houseguests telling them he hates them all, and begs them to vote him out.  But in the end, Dr.Will stayed.

5) ED vs Jen
-Season 8 brought us one of the most memorable contestants ever in the form of Evel Dick Donato. He clashed with many of the houseguests but his feud with Jen Johnson carried on until Jen was evicted. The two hated each other, and their arguments continued to escalate. In addition to shouting insults at his nemesis, Dick poured a glass of iced tea over her head in one episode. This all culminated in Jen going a little crazy, destroying Dick's cigarettes by dumping them in a garbage bin and pouring bleach all over them.

6) Willie Headbutts Joe
-Season 11 brought us Chima, season 14 brought us Willie Hantz, related to the infamous Russell of Survivor Loir.  After the coach's competition, Willie ends up as have-not.  He immediately got mad because his teammates were not put on have-not as well.  He knew he was already going to have a rough week with Frank as HOH.  But things only went downhill from there.  He starting yelling at houseguest, including the final exchange between him and Joe.  Joe was having none of it and giving it right back to Willie.  In the end Wilie (snapped) and headbutted Joe.  The feeds were cut, and when they resumed sometime latter, we learned from the remaining houseguests that Willie was gone.

7) The Brigade Alliance
-Season 12 brought us the Brigade alliance, born on Day 2, (Enzo, Hayden, and Lane.  Although Matt was in there before his eviction).  Enzo, Hayden and Lane made it all the way to the final 4 with Big Brother sweetheart Britney.  Lane (the only one who may have taken Brit to final 2) was voted out first.  But the brigade still have two members, and late one night in the HOH the final 3 are talking and Enzo and Hayden exposed the brigade alliance to Britney.  And they would go on to send Britney out and Enzo and Hayden would be the final two.

8 ) The most-racial cast ever
-Season 15 already makes my list.  With Spencer, GinaMarie, Aaryn, Kaitlin and Jeremy this has to be one of the most racial slurred/degrading casts in Big Brother history.  Google "Big Brother Racial Slurs"  and you will get more hits for this season than any season before.

9) Justin, Krista and a knife
-Season 2 brings us the reason why the houseguests are not allowed to have "knifes".  Early on in Season 2, Justin and Krista were exchanging kisses, and in between the kisses, Justin put a knife to Krista's throat and asked "Would you get mad if I killed you?"  Justin was expelled from the house, and it was actually later discovered he had an arrest record.
10) Chilltown Becomes the first alliance in BB history
-In Season 2, Big Brother legend Will Kirby formed the first of the show's many alliances, teaming up with Mike "Boogie" Malin to create Chilltown. Will eventually won that season after masterfully manipulating his fellow houseguests. The pair resuscitated Chilltown for the All-Star season in 2006 which was won by Mike Boogie, making Chilltown the most successful alliance in reality television history.

Honorable Mention
-Dan's Speech Season 14, after coming out of solitary

-Rachel "Floater's better get a life vest"

-Janelle - Big Brother 6 "Bye Bye Bitches!"

-Britney - Big Brother 11 Diary room sessions


The most memorable for me are these:

Season 7: Janelle crying and crying when Howie was evicted, Boogie and James tried to comfort her and finally Will had to go talk to her. There were tissues all over the place.  :) (She said later she did it on purpose but I never believed it.)

Season 8: Evel Dick competes in the final endurance competition with Zach. They had to jump over a bunny in the pouring rain. He kept at it for 7 hours and 32 minutes and it was obvious that he was shivering and suffering from the cold and rain but he wouldn't quit. Even Zach was concerned and finally Daniele convinced him to quit.

What about ED with his pot banging and talking to the cameras every day?


--- Quote from: BamBam on July 12, 2013, 02:52:18 PM ---What about ED with his pot banging and talking to the cameras every day?

--- End quote ---

Oh that too! I was updating and I had gone to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee when I heard a HUGE clatter. Then I saw it was ED and he was waking up the HGs with his pots and pans.  :funny:

I loved his early morning talks with US, telling us what he was doing. Puddin made me a set of smileys to make it easier to update. LOL :dick  :fart :smoke


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