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Summer Camp A New Reality Series Premieres Tonight on USA at 8/7 CT!

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Meet The Cast!

Cameron Tylor - The Cowboy

Cameron is an old-fashioned Christian country boy who believes in God, respecting women and the rodeo. You can't take Kentucky out of this boy; you'll never catch this working cowboy and fledgling country artist without his cowboy hat or his guitar. Cameron has come to Summer Camp with a few simple goals: woo the girls with some country songs and make his mama proud by bringing home the grand prize.

Brooke Mangum - The Model

Brooke is the girl every guy wished lived next door. She claims she was once an overweight ugly duckling and such a tomboy that her family nicknamed her "Brock," but that's hard to believe seeing the 23-year-old model and broadcaster now. Though this Salt Lake City native is sweet, she's not afraid of some healthy competition. Her strategy? Blind them with beauty and kill them with kindness.

Kyle Kleiboeker - The Broadway Performer

A singer, dancer, actor and model, this 25-year-old Broadway quadruple-threat loves to entertain. Don't let the showbiz pedigree fool you, though: Kyle comes from a family of NFL athletes and he can dance circles around the competition. A born performer (and a little bit of a diva), Kyle is eager to take this one for the theater geeks of the world and prove that his skills on the stage can translate to success at summer camp.

Rachel Spalding - The Yogi

This bubbly blonde bombshell is as perky as they come. A yoga instructor and life coach, 27-year-old Rachel meditates daily, teaches happiness classes at her home, and always tries to be a "being of positivity." She claims her number one goal in life is to spread joy—we'll see how that works out for her once the competition heats up!

Mike Ward -The Soldier

Get ready to meet a real life Captain America. This handsome ladies man and star high school athlete went from doing missionary work with his parents in Papua New Guinea to running operations with his unit in Afghanistan.  Now the 26-year-old American hero is ready for another adventure, and he’ll use his extreme sport experience, military training and 8-pack abs to bring home the prize.

Michelle Schexnayder -The Bayou Bodybuilder

Brains, beauty and brawn - this bayou belle is the complete package.  A seasoned power lifter, video game nut and range-shooting enthusiast, Michelle is full of surprises. And now this 24-year-old Hooters bartender is ready to flex her impressive muscles as she takes on the competition at Summer Camp.

Chris Grant- The Class Clown

This 25-year-old Bronx boy loved cutting up in class so much that he became a high school Special Ed teacher, and joking with his students all day makes him feel like a kid again. Once a chubby child, he credits his time at performing arts camp with helping him to finally shed his baby fat and embrace his crazy side. Now he's bringing his energy and fun-loving spirit back to camp, where this fast-talking comedian is sure to crack up the competition.

Meaghan Cooper - The Flirt

The boys had better watch out, because 27-year-old fitness model and country music artist Meaghan isn't afraid to use her looks as a weapon, and tends to leave a trail of men in her wake. This bombshell loves a challenge, and will do her best to flirt her way to victory. And thanks to Meaghan's wild streak, her fellow campers may have a tough time taming the strong-willed Texan.

Justin Jackson - The Hunter

An outdoorsman from an early age, hunter extraordinaire Justin has bagged and tagged everything from wild turkeys to ferocious bears. This lifetime member of the NRA will take anyone to task for stepping on his right to bear arms or kill his own dinner. At 41, he may be the oldest in the competition, but Justin has his sights set on winning and he never misses his target.

Isis McKenzie - The Pageant Queen

This vivacious 32-year-old professional public speaker and beauty pageant winner has a natural sense of adventure that's taken her all over the world—and gotten her into some trouble along the way. She claims to be a world-class kisser, but campers beware: though Isis may be friendly, flirtatious and fun, she's here to win and her kiss could spell danger!

Moises Ramos - The Firefighter

One look at 26-year-old firefighter Moises Ramos will have the ladies shouting, "Rescue me!" Moises likes to think of himself as a real life super hero, but this proudly Cuban heartthrob also loves salsa dancing and his grandmother's cooking. A former fat kid, Moises prides himself on his ripped physique, and with his conditioning and survival skills he's sure to turn the heat up on the competition.

Melinda Gross - The Geek

26-year-old Melinda is a geek through and through. But just because she's into comic books and cosplay doesn't mean she won't be a tough competitor. Because just like her favorite comic book character, Bat Girl, this professional stuntwoman and stage combat instructor isn't afraid to battle the forces of darkness. Or in this case, her fellow campers.

Mikey Benzaia - The Smart Ass

This big-talking prankster is here to win, and he isn't afraid to let everyone know it. As both a former camper and counselor, Mikey feels like he's on home turf in this competition. The confident 26-year-old loves being the center of attention; always one of the popular kids at camp growing up, he's hoping that popularity will carry over here. But if not, he has no problem talking some smack to get in people's heads and throw them off their game.

Lauren von Drashek - The Mean Girl

A self-professed mean girl, this 23-year-old student is one Midwesterner you don't want to mess with. A lifelong hockey player, she's spent her fair share of time in the penalty box, and her aggressive streak carries over off the ice too. Whether with her friends or enemies, Lauren pulls no punches, always speaking her mind no matter how painful the truth might be. Nice girls don't always finish first, so Lauren may prove to be tough competition!

Chuck Lines - The Sci-Fi Nerd

When this self-proclaimed king of the nerds isn't working as a nanny or a camp counselor, he's practicing his light saber moves and brushing up on his Elvish. Chuck may not have the physique of Superman, but he's a full-fledged Eagle Scout and he'll use his brains, agility and determination to outthink the competition and show the world what nerds can do.

Erin Cosgrove - The Country Girl

Personal trainer and country singer-songwriter Erin is no stranger to the outdoors: she can build a fire, catch a fish, and even skin a deer. Though childhood summers at camp smoothed out her tomboy edges, this spunky redhead and competitive triathlete still has an attitude as fiery as her hair, and isn't afraid to get physical when it comes to taking on her competition.

Welcome to Summer Camp!

16 strangers for a summer of fun, pranks, "first kisses" and over the top "color" wars

Someone will be sent home each week

In the end the remaining players in the winning camp will split $250,000

ok....I admit to watching this one. Haven't a clue as to its' allure but....

I was sad to see Melinda go this week! She was fun and deserved the most to win in the end.

I may not follow after this week. Something about grown adults acting like children is getting old at our house.

Anyone following Bear Grylls on NBC?? 'You Won't get out alive'? It's a survivalist elimination show with daunting challenges. The other one that has us captivated is, 'Capture'.

Sorry for the OT rant.

This hasn't been that interesting for me, Melinda was one of the characters I agree but not many others.

I didn't like the Bear Grylis show much, the concept seems a bit weak and reality shows where one person decides who stays or goes aren't my thing.  Capture though is quite exciting and they've put decent twists in so far.


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