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Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 7/11/13

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In the Store Room...

Andy says he has Spencer's back as long as Spencer has his.

He says he does.

Amanda comes in to get some egg stuff, and Andy leaves

Feeds 3/4...

Spencer has joined Jeremy & Kaitlin upstairs at chess.

No game talk.


Howard & McCrae...

In the SR....

Howard tells McCrae everything is going good.

McCrae says you guys have to break up some..  Judd has been talking about you 4 together.

Howard thinks he and Spencer can control Judd, and maybe even swing his vote.

Howard thinks Judd just wants to feel secure.

He hasn't got anywhere to turn because Jeremy is about to hook that 5 up.


Kaitlin & Spencer talking at the chess table.

Just random stuff about food.


Andy try's to untangle the cork game pieces..

Feeds cut to McCrae & Jeremy...tale end of a convo

Then to the SR...

Jeremy & Aaryn...random chatter.

Judd comes in as Jeremy is leaving.

Says he is looking for booze.

Aaryn is complaining because they have no powdered sugar.

Aaryn finds a can of booze hidden in the SR fridge her & Judd drink it down.


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