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Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 7/11/13

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Jeremy and Aaryn both win HOH BB Barbeque

Aaryn is HOH

Aaryn gets HOH power and got to pick the have nots

Jeremy gets to compete in next week's HOH 

Aaryn does not

Jeremy does not get an automatic to play in POV he  can only play if his name is picked

Aaryn picked the Have Nots as Elissa Helen Candice  and Andy 

America chose Lima Beans and Liver for the Have Nots

Aaryn nominated Helen and Elissa on the block up for Elimination   

Elissa chosen as MVP by America

Elissa picked Jeremy as the MVP nomination

POV players were Aaryn Helen and Elissa  Amanda and Nick were picked to play and Gina Marie was the host

Jeremy won POV

Jeremy used POV on himself

Nick is named the replacement nomination

Elissa Nick and Helen are on the block up for eviction

Elissa just found out that when aaryn asked who voted to evict david  that helen raised her hand.

 helen i want to eat something

 elissa that's all ive been doing..

 candice well yo should eat again they could put us back on slop

helen face explains her thoughts on this one!

andy in the have not room announces he's making pizza


jeremy and kaitlin on teh hoh landing

 jeremy you understand that part..  you know who goes this week so whats the problem

 jeremy i dont know why you are questioning me when you know im road dogging this

 kaitlin i  just want you to clue me in

 BEDGATE is going on in the have not room. elissa wants a good night sleep and a bed..

 andy gine marie didnt like that you were int eh room

 elissa i came in ehr after judd came in his bed


Chess game.

Jeremy goes down to kitchen for pizza.


HGs playing some kind of new game.


The Chess game resumes as Jeremy chows down on his pizza.


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