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Live Feed Updates Wednesday 7/10/13

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feeds move to the color block room  3/4 spencer and nick

 nick im so pissed.. my heart was beating really hard  when  amanda was talking to me..

spencer  i heard her whispering  when i was fake napping

jeremy is doing damage control with kaitlin

 kaitlin she said tht you were making her look weak  cuz people think you are the hoh and they are going to go after he next week

  jeremy i tell her all the time it's her hoh

game talk ends by jessie joining them..


3/4 spencer and nick in the bathroom talking about bands and music

 feeds 1/2 in have not room candice helen and elissa

 candice they were totally fighting when they were on the ground .. i was listening to him

 cadice and last night jeremy was totally flirting with aaryn

 now they are changing the names.. kaitlin  martha aaryn is dolly, jeremy is george

candice kaitlin is highly is emotional..

candice i want yo to know i see everything.. george went one  day when i meet my sole mate.. s and martha was so sad.. we can reel her in..

elissa she just wants a showmance

 candice i just want  to win hoh so  bad i want to say i nominate you aaryn shaniqua.. you dare me.. i want to do it so bad

 elissa aaryn was doing the asian voices in the kitchen.. i wanted to say something.. like my dad has a factory in japan.. and they are  hard working successful people.. and ..


 cadice they asked about it in the DR

candice when david was here  he came over to me and said why did you sit on her hat..

 HATGATE!! :lol3:


talk about how spencer talks..  candice what if he was like the famous  guy who mad up the fake girlfriend. there is no marylyn..

 elissa dolly came to me the second day in the house that mccrae wouldn't put me up but said that  house didnt like me but she wasn't going to vote me out

 candice we werent welcomed in  aaryn's hoh

 elissa it was awkward. 

elissa and i think she is trying to  turn the table that people are ostracizing her


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