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Live Feed Updates Wednesday 7/10/13

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Aaryn & Howard.

Howard says he appreciates what she said to him a few nights ago, and thanks her.

Then he goes on to talk about Amanda & McCrae.

Not sure if he trusts Amanda.

Talking about how he's heard the rumor that he has an alliance with Helen & Candice.

Telling her that's just so he can get info to give back to them.

Howard just putting it out there.  He says he just heard a rumor that Amanda was telling her that.

Aaryn tells Howard it has to do with Candice, and how Candice is going around and misconstruing things Aaryn says.

That was all Amanda told her.

Aaryn says she is not racist, why would she even be playing with Howard if he was.  She was joking with stuff she said, never meant it to be racist.

Howard talking about how the convo was misconstrued.

Howard would like to make it to Jury.  He isn't afraid to be a strong player, but he thinks that could get him out of here.

Aaryn talking about how the "Middle name" game

And people thinking she is related to someone else in this game.

Aaryn came up with the most obscure  Middle name she could

And how Candice turned it into something crazy.

Howard & Aaryn talking about Spencer.

Howard says he trusts Spencer more now than he did before


Backyard on the patio...

Random chatter...more discussion of Jeremy and his "Ringworm/Bee Sting"

And now talking about Jock Itch..



Amanda now making Nachos...just other random chatter


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