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Live Feed Updates Tuesday 7/9/13

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Feeds are fish at the moment...

Feeds back...

All feeds on the backyard.

Helen, Spencer, Candice, Jessie, Elissa and Howard...

Chatting about how Jessie wants to get into social media, but she doesn't know what her passion really is.

Helen trying to give Jessie some advice.

Spencer asks Howard if he wants to play pool.

Howard gives Jessie some last bit of advice

And then he and Spencer go off to play pool.

Leaves the girls...

still talking about Jessie


Candice talking about how she wanted a baby at 25.

Helen says she didn't want a baby at 25

Jessie says she doesn't want a baby

Elissa & Candice talking about how annoyed they get by guys who don't say anything


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